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Daniel Britton author

The mission of The Financial Fairy Tales is to inspire and empower children and young people through financial literacy, enterprise awareness and personal development.

The Financial Fairy Tales – is the concept of UK based author, educator and speaker, Daniel Britton.

“There is a very strong personal motivator in helping children and parents become more financially aware” says Daniel. “I have personally experienced the pain and shame that debt can bring to many people and a feeling of being trapped in a job or situation by a lack of money or financial options. This is why I feel so strongly in giving people the tools and beliefs to gain more freedom through better choices”.

Daniel spent his early career in banking and financial services before 12 years as a teacher and school leader. Recently he has specialised as an education consultant, writer and speaker on money matters. In 2013 he was awarded National Enterprise Tutor of the Year by The Peter Jones Foundation.

At the Financial Fairy Tales we have a passion for empowering young people to develop their self esteem, raise their aspirations and gain awareness of their unlimited potential. Key lesson which are all too often missing from many schools.

“There appears to be a lack of financial education and understanding in most education systems of the developed world” says Daniel. “By introducing these essential concepts to young people at an early stage we are sowing the seeds for better awareness and decision making later in life”.

The universal messages in the books allow them to be read and enjoyed by children around the world.

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