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Time to make learning about money serious fun!

Share positive messages about money and financial literacy with your kids through this great series of inspirational children’s books.

The Financial Fairy Tales series contains 4 story books and a fun Activity Book. They are available in Print, Digital or Audio format.

If you are in the UK and rest of Europe we will be delighted to supply you direct. In the US / Canada / Australia our preferred supplier is Amazon.

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Print Books


Dreams Can Come True £5.95

Follow the adventures of Tom the woodcutter’s son with big dreams. With the help of his wise uncle he puts a plan into action to prove himself to a rich Duke.

But is success snatched away at the last minute?


The Last Gold Coin £5.95

last_coin_coverTells the story of a Prince whose act of generosity starts a chain of events to save a kingdom.

Whilst a mysterious stranger magically multiplies gold and together they tackle a wicked witch.

What happens to a Kingdom once the money runs out and what can the people do about it? – just some of the important money messages in The Last Gold Coin.

The Magic Magpie £5.95

magpie_coverHannah’s desire to get rich quick lands her brother in Giant trouble! Can she find a way to earn enough money to save him? Is the Magpie Magpie a friend or foe?

The Magic Magpie contains several excellent lessons around financial decision making and the consequences of our actions.

The Troll Bridge £5.95

Troll Bridge cover Everyone and everything crossing over the bridge had to pay the Troll Tax. It had always been that way, and no-one ever questioned it… Until a young boy dared to ask why?

The Troll Bridge has many financial and money themes including tax, supply and demand, trade and public spending; all wrapped up in a fun and entertaining story. Perfect for enquiring minds and teaching younger children money values and ideas.

Also available as an Audiobook Click Here

Activity Book £9.95

activity-book-coverThe Financial Fairy Tales Activity Book is full of games, tasks and puzzles to build upon the financial principles in the stories and take learning about money to a new level.

Featuring over 50 pages packed with fun learning activities, your child will benefit from a greater financial education plus develop their literacy and maths skills, whilst exploring their imagination and dreams.

The teacher / parent edition is extended to include guidance on how to use the materials in the home or classroom, next steps and links to the school curriculum.
(See our schools page for details)

Available in UK or American / Intl versions
Suitable for ages 5-12


The Financial Fairy Tales are also available from and

Digital Format

trilogyThe Financial Fairy Tales Books are available in digital format allowing you to instantly download and be enjoying them with your children within minutes.

We have combined the 3 stories with the Activity Book in the fantastic Financial Fairy Tales Treasure Box.

Plus you will receive the audiobook version of Dreams Can Come True and 5 other great bonus products at no cost

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