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trilogy If you are a teacher looking for quality Financial Literacy teaching resources and money games for children then we will be delighted to share a free sample of our award winning materials.

No doubt you share the view that Financial Literacy and Enterprise Education are increasingly important elements of a child’s personal development. Changing employment patterns around the world will make the working lives of today’s children a very different place.

Surveys have consistently shown that teachers, parents and even the pupils themselves want to see financial education as part of the curriculum. We share the view that its never too early to start teaching children about money and to encourage enterprising ideas. Which is why The Financial Fairy Tales are designed for Primary Schools and pupils from age 5 upwards.

Allow us to share with you a FREE digital enter detailscopy of Dreams Can Come True, PLUS an exclusive sample of our Pupil Activity Book.

Our Financial Literacy resources make learning and teaching about money relevant, accessible and most of all fun!

In most of the UK, Financial Education is part of Personal and Social Education classes and linked with the Maths Curriculum. In Scotland, Financial Literacy is an important element of     A Curriculum for Excellence.

Our financial education teaching resources have been designed to help you deliver exciting, interactive lessons, making learning about money serious fun!

They focus on important money values as well as the practical tools and ideas such as saving, borrowing and investment.

Suitable for use as stand alone materials or as part of Maths or PSHE at Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 (age 5-11).

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